The Samahang Demokratiko ng Kabataan (SDK) extends its support with the farmers of Hacienda Luisita in condemning the recent decision of the Supreme Court in their case favoring a referendum on whether the farmers would like to have shares of stock or land.

The court may have given the farmers option via referendum. But it is an arena where a little boy will be fighting a ferocious dragon. The Coujangco–Aquino landlords will definitely use its power and influence to manipulate the said referendum in favor of stock distribution over land redistribution. Just like what they did in the past.

We also view the court decision as pro-capital/pro-land owners rather than pro-small farmers.  It is a big setback for them who have been struggling for their right to land for a long time. It even costs them countless lives.

We are challenging President Aquino to act in favor the small farmers rather than with his relatives in Tarlac.  This is the time were he could prove who is his real boss.

July 7, 2011