The Office of the President (OP) denied the motion for reconsideration of the Philippine Airlines Employees Association (PALEA) and affirmed its earlier ruling allowing Philippine Airlines to lay off 2,600 employees and make them contractual workers in third-party service providers.  This decision will become a strong basis for all capitalist to outsource its labor force and worst of all, fire its regular workers if they feel the need to gain more profit by hiring contractual workers.

The Aquino administration only shows how insensitive it is to the welfare of the majority, particularly the workers. It indeed revealed its anti-worker and pro-capitalist stance.

This is the kind of job waiting for the youth as future labor force of this country. A job that is not secured and unstable because it will only last for only 6 months and then you have to look for another one afterwards.  A kind of job that will break every young student’s dream of having a stable living after they graduated from college or university.  A kind of job that violates our human right to live decently.

The Samahang Demokratiko ng Kabataan (SDK) pledge its utmost support to the struggling workers of Philippine Airlines (PALEA) in defending their jobs and asserting their right to collectively bargain. If their fight is the last line of defense against contractual employment and for job security, LET THIS FIGHT BE ALSO OUR FIGHT.  A fight that will ensure a better future for all young student and workers.



August 21, 2011