What is SDK?
Samahang Demokratiko ng Kabataan (Democratic Association of the Youth) is a political group that aims to organize and mobilize the youth as catalysts of change, as the youth sector is expected to inherit the society’s foundation and development

It was the marvel and legacy created by SDK in the First Quarter Storm (FQS) in ‘70s that lighted the path to its reestablishment last January 30, 2004. SDK’s torch that lit the flame of the integration of masses and formed a militant movement of workers, farmers, urban poor and other sectors, was a key factor to the fall of the Marcos regime. This torch was passed on to the new generation of SDK members.

The society should be ruled by the majority- the workers and the poor, the masses- and this is what SDK believes as the veritable essence of democracy. Hence, the rule of the majority could be recognized only if the majority controls the society. SDK is in this line of principle despite the system that exists today- where elitists- the privileged few, is taking full control of the society.

Because SDK adheres to the view that the toiling masses have the potential to change the society, SDK’s mission is to congregate the youth- with their determination to maximize their skills, talents, efforts, time and attention for them to be one of the most important forces in changing the society’s backward system.